The idea for an FCM Museum is mentioned in letters dating back to the early 1980’s by founder Stan Adair. Another letter shows that in the late 1990’s Stan mentioned it to the FCM president, Bill Baker. Stan was member #1 (along with James Knorr). He had served as Editor, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary & President in the FCM; had written What a Fellowship-a History of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians; and was active in the FCM until his death.

The idea was there, but did not progress until several years later under Steve Varro. Steve and the Board began the process of collecting items for the museum. The details of how the museum would be shared were not developed, but the museum had at last been actually started.

Items continued to be added to the collection over the years and then, in 2018, circumstances and a volunteer started moving the museum forward. However, along with items for the museum, there were also boxes of old FCM records that needed to be sorted through. This process has taken several years.

The majority of museum items have now been sorted, digitized, organized, and uploaded into this Virtual Museum. A Museum display of some items will begin being displayed at the International Convention, and a physical home for the museum is being worked on. It is not clear if this home will allow them to be viewed in person. More pictures and items will be added as time goes on and the work continues.