Adair Collection

Stan Adair was a self-proclaimed “pack rat”. He kept many things over the years and donated several of his personal performance items and also some items from Edwin Brush, aka “The Great Brush”. He also donated several books, letters, etc. that can be found throughout the rest of the museum.

Stan Adair’s Personal Items

“…My carry case. I had two of these…My Barbara was a gifted artist and she painted the rabbit, hat, slogan, etc. …”

2008 letter sent with collection to Steve Varro

The inside of Stan’s trunk had a compartment on the side to hold his extra Clorox boxes and other small items. His table broke down into 5 pieces, so fit easily in the trunk. It is made of lightweight wood.

Stan sent this picture of himself and friend from 1943. Stan is on the R.

Stan kept many paper items including his FCM membership card and his name badge from the 50th Anniversary convention. Many of these paper items can be seen elsewhere in the Museum.

Stan was a businessman, but he did many magic programs as well. One venue was San Quentin Prison.

Stan Adair wrote the original edition of What a Fellowship-A History of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians which was published in 1994. In 2004, a new edition would be published with additions by Steve Varro.

Edwin Brush aka “Great Brush” (1874-1967) FCM Member #30

“Edwin Brush toured throughout the U.S. on the Lyceum and Chautaqua circuits…He often performed in the costume of an old professor-knee breeches, pumps, and formal coat.”

What a Fellowship, p. 5

“…These items were given to me by Edwin Brush who in his prime was the highest paid professional magician in the country. He became a Christian in his latter years as was a great ambassador for the Lord. I think these items might be hand made [they are heavy metal], and I have no idea what they are or how they were used. But, they are from Edwin Brush and they must be over 100 years old.”

2008 Letter sent with the collection to Steve Varro