FCM Collection

Over the years the FCM name and logo have been added to many items from banners to clocks to pins. No matter the form, they all celebrate the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

Stage Items

This 1984 picture shows the first banner that we have a picture of–the banner is no longer in the FCM archives. The design is copied from the masthead of the first publication put out by the FCM.

This carved wood logo started being used in 1985 and can still can be seen at most FCM conventions. In the early years, it was placed on the front of the speaker’s podium.

A new banner to hang above the stage was made & donated to the FCM by Barbara McDermott in 1988 (colored picture from 1994). Unfortunately, it is no longer in the FCM archives.


On the Silver & Gold Anniversary years, special banners were made.

Left: Banner made for 50th Anniversary

Still in archives

Below: Banner made for 25th Anniversary

No longer in archives


From the 1980s on, most evening programs. Many of the early years were on VHS. After VHS came DVDs, but often these were in the form of convention highlights or done for individual performers. Today, of course, when recordings are made, they are digital.

The FCM hopes to convert all of the VHS and DVD recordings to a digital form so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Heritage Club Pins

Each year since 2001 Heritage Club (HC) Members, those members with 25 years or more in the FCM, have been honored. Pins have been given to the new members each year. At first, only those with 25 consecutive years were inducted into the HC. Later, they changed to honor anyone with 25 years in the FCM. They began giving gold pins for those with 25 years continuous membership & silver for those with 25 non-continuous membership.

Items Made for Sale to Members

Over the years, many items have been made for FCM Members-most to be sold, but some giveaways as well. These items are in our collection.

Presidential Cards given out to Conference attendees in 2014