Member Donations

Our members have donated many interesting items to the Museum. From original effects and possessions of FCM members to autographed lecture notes by Max Maven. Enjoy!

Bible Sticks were made by Past President Ralph Mills.

Donated by Ken Wilcoxson

Donated by Willa Fay Dingus

Sponge Bibles would later be mass produced, but this is an original which was handmade. The edges are painted red.

Donated by Alan Wong & Steve Goshman

Gloves: C. Melvin Walgren, long-time FCM Chaplain, wore these gloves in performances.

Wands: It is not clear who gave out the Wands, but all have the name Svengali on them. The date is 1958. The wand in the picture to the right is engraved with Melvin Walgren’s name.

Donated by C. Melvin Walgren

The top wand has the name Svengali engraved on it several times. The middle wand has the names Bruce Spangler & Dan Lamb engraved on it.

Some of the many DVDs and CDs donated to the FCM Museum. On the right in the back is the Story of Peter Everett. The three More Than Magic shows in front were produced by the Grand Rapids, MI chapter and donated by Roger Bus. Others donated include lecture notes; convention highlights; testimonies and more.

These lecture notes, autographed by Max Maven, were given to the L.A. FCM Chapter in 2008.

This item was donated to the FCM in the flea market in 2023. Loring Campbell was a magician who began performing around 1923. He was member #22 in the I.B.M. and was elected to the S.A.M. Hall of Fame while still living.