Written Materials

The FCM began as a magic organization, but early on began to add other arts to the organization. Today there are at least nine areas represented at the conventions. It would be an impossible task to collect all of the books, booklets, lecture notes and more that have been written about the performing arts by our FCM Members and others. The FCM Museum is blessed to have this small sampling in its archives. The information shared in these resources is invaluable.

We have many typed lecture notes in the collection. To protect the owners rights to these notes, we are not able to display these individually. Some may be available to FCM members in our library at fcm.org

Magic Books, Booklets, and Lecture Notes

…one of the first Christian Magicians was Dr. C.H. Woolston, Pastor of the East Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA…His best known book was Seeing Truth which was first published in 1910…

Dr. Woolston was a personal friend of Howard Thurston…

What a Fellowship, p. 6

Over the years, many of our members have done lectures and written helpful booklets on all types of magic, how to make magic, and how to make your performance more polished.

Some lecture notes are unique, like this lecture by Ricky Henson which includes his testimony on the opening page.

Many of our FCM Presidents have written books on gospel magic as well as other arts. We do not have complete collections, but are blessed with a set of Del Wilson’s 12 Gospel Tricks series.

Balloon Booklets/Lecture Notes

Balloonists, affectionately called “balloonatics”, are a large part of the FCM. They are able to make almost anything out of balloons.

Ralph Dewey, a long-time member of the FCM, and an accomplished balloon artist has written many books and taught numerous ‘twisters’ the art.

Other Books/Booklets

The FCM is unique in the amount of different performing arts it represents. Our collection is not as extensive in these areas, but the resources are just as valuable.

Clinton Detweiler was a well-known figure maker and ventriloquist who was also a long-time member of the FCM. He always had unique ideas on what could be made to use with ventriloquism.

Ron London was a magic dealer who also knew how to clown around.

David Ginn has written many books, not only on magic, but also on humor. One of his best known on humor is Laughter Legacy.


Tom Dethlefsen owned the Golden Gate Magic Company in San Francisco, CA He was also one of the Pioneers of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians

Dock Haley, who was the founder of Haley House of Gospel Magic, and an editor of The Christian Conjurer for many years, published a Magazett with some articles and ads for his company.