“Before a person can be an effective Gospel magician [performer], they must first become an effective magician [performer].”

Theme from 1959 conference that continues to be a theme today.

Fellowship of Christian Magicians Conventions* have been providing Learning, Inspiration, Fellowship & Encouragement (LIFE) to members since the first one began July 15, 1958 (just five years after the FCM began). 

*Please note that while the museum will use the word “convention” to refer to the annual International get-together, some years the word “conference” was used by the organizers.

Pennsylvania, New York & Chicago

Montrose, PA to Chicago, IL, back to Montrose & then to Machias, NY


Winona Lake, IN

The “Golden Age” of FCM Conventions


Wheaton, IL & Cedar Rapids, IA

One year in Wheaton College then to Cedar Rapids, IA and the Paramount Theater


Grand Rapids, MI

The FCM conventions at Calvin College were memorable


Marion, IN

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) would be the FCM’s home for 12 years


Nashville, TN

For three years, FCM moved south to two different college campuses


Back Home in Indiana

The FCM returns to Indiana!

Regional & Overseas Conferences

Getting to an International Convention was a wonderful experience, but was not possible for many members. Regional conferences helped fill the gap. FCM members in Europe & Asia also held conferences for their members.

  • Regional Conferences
  • Overseas Conferences