Daily Bulletins & More-Marion, IN

The years at IWU in Marion, IN included much outreach to the community. In addition to Sunday in the Park, for many years ‘tickets’ for the evening programs were given out by FCM Members as they moved throughout the community.



The conference would officially begin on Monday. However, on Sunday Night members of the Heritage Club would put on a show for those who had already come to town.

The Heritage Club was officially begun in 2001. Members who had been a member of the F.C.M. for at least 25 years were part of the Heritage Club. Official recognition is given to new members each year at the Annual Business Meeting.


F.C.M. had always had a children’s program during the convention. From 2010 until approx. 2014 it became the WOW Kid’s Club.

It was important for the Conference Coordinators and the FCM Board to get feedback from attendees in order to make the next convention even better! This is the feedback form used in 2012. In more recent years, the surveys would become digital.