Wheaton, IL & Cedar Rapids, IA

With the closing of Winona Lake Conference Grounds, the convention needed to move. The decision was made to move to Wheaton, IL. It was a beautiful setting. However, for various reasons, another move would be made. This time to Cedar Rapids, IA.

1989: Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

1990-1994: The Paramount Theater & nearby hotels in Cedar Rapids, IA

1995: The final year of the convention held in Cedar Rapids, it would move to the campus of Coe College Campus. However, due to rising costs and other factors, another move would be made in 1996.

We have the Daily Bulletins, and some brochures, for all of these years. We have no photos that can definitely be dated to Wheaton College, but we do have two photo albums for the years at Cedar Rapids.


Daily Bulletins-Wheaton, IL & Cedar Rapids, IA

Daily Bulletins for the next day’s schedule were distributed each evening after the program.


1993 Photo Album

Attendance dropped to under 700. Changes were coming for many large conventions as travel became more expensive.


1994 Photo Album

Attendance would once again drop, but the vision of the FCM continued to be upheld through workshops, performances, child & youth activities, worship services, late night, and late, late night.