Winona Lake, IN

The Golden Age of FCM Conventions

1973-1988: The years that FCM was in Winona Lake, IN were a time of amazing growth. By the end of the conventions here, attendance had exceeded 1,000! The lack of air conditioning, “heart attack hill”, and other inconveniences pale in memories of the friendships formed, the encouragement received, and the skills learned at Winona Lake. In 1988, disappointing news was received. Winona Lake would no longer be hosting large conventions, so a new venue would need to be found in 1989. Enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane as you explore our archives of Daily Bulletins and Photo Albums.


Daily Bulletins-Winona Lake

First came a one-page schedule, then came daily bulletins to communicate with convention attendees.


1983 Photo Album

Attendance is over 1,000 for the first time!


1984 Photo Album

Another new attendance record!


1985 Photo Album

Once again a record attendance


1986 Photo Album

Over 1200 attend


1987 Photo Album

Over 1300 this year


1988 Photo Album

Attendance goes down slightly, but is over 1200

For some families, the FCM Winona Lake Convention would be an even more precious memory. Nick Jones, a 12 y.o. would be killed in boating accident just a few days after the 1984 convention. Nick was a young ventriloquist.