The Pioneers

“Tom arranged a meeting for the four of us. We discussed the possibility of a small group meeting bi-monthly simply for the purpose of encouraging each other in our efforts at Gospel Magic. We set a purpose, we prayed and we planned and there became a very close bond between the four. In the next few weeks we set a date, a place and a time, made up a list of Christian magicians and sent invitations to our first meeting. The year was 1953, the date was November 27.”

Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, p. 15

Stan Adair

Stan would become member #1 when membership cards were issued.


Tom Dethlefsen

Tom Dethlefsen was instrumental in bringing the four pioneers together.


Helen Easterly

Helen was excited about using gospel magic and learned quickly. She would be the first editor and secretary.


Rev. James Knorr

Rev. Knorr would host the first meetings and would also be the first FCM President.

The San Francisco Chapter officially started in 1954 with 18 Charter members of the Fellowship. At a special presentation they were each issued a framed certificate signed by Rev. James Knorr and myself. It’s only right that we list their names because these are the people who saw the vision, were blessed by meeting together and were the movers and shakers of this pioneer organization. We bless their memory.

What a Fellowship, p. 36

Stan Adair, Dr. Willard Banghart, Dr. Ralph Bayless, Rev. Winfield Blount, George Day, Tom Dethlefsen, Harry W. Durkee, Helen Easterly, Rev. Martin Jost, Chaplain David Larson, Dr. Gordon Ostoby, Joe Prath, Fred Priess, Dr. Albert J. Treichler, Rev. H. Tyrrel, G.L. Walton, Eddie Washington, Rev. William Widenham