Tom Dethlefson aka “Dave Lovsen”

“I tried to wait on all my customers…but somehow I would always try to talk with those whom I would hear mention… they wanted something to illustrate a lesson from the Bible. I became acquainted with quite a number of Christians who were using magic in Sunday Schools and various other organization. This gave me an idea-why not a magic club for those folks where we could share our ideas and experiences…the next time Rev. James Knorr came into the studio I took time to tell him what I had in mind…

Shortly afterwards…, Mrs. Helen Easterly, came into the studio…I explained my recent conversation with Rev. Knorr and she said she’d like to join us…My next one to see was Stan Adair…Stan, too, was very interested...

Since my first talk with Rev. Knorr I had gathered all the names of those who had been buying magic for object lessons. I turned those names over to Rev. Knorr…our first meeting would be Friday evening, Nov. 27, 1953…”

Tom Dethlefsen in letter quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 19. Originally printed in The Christian Conjurer, Vol.8, #1-January 1964

“…a great place for magic supplies at the Golden Gate Magic Studios…San Francisco. The owner, Tom Dethlefson, was likable guy! Tom always had a big smile on his face and took a special interest in those who were just getting started in magic. He was never too busy…Dethlefsen, who had been a professional magician had the patience of Job. I appreciated then…how he took hours to perfect the style of this young magician…

Tom was fine Christian man…He had a deep, sincere faith in God and in Jesus Christ…and was faithful in his testimony for Christ…”

Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, pp. 14-15

“One of the things Tom stressed was speaking properly, projecting your voice, talking clearly, slowly, so that each word would be understood.”

What a Fellowship, p. 24

“For twenty years, Tom , as all magicians know him, worked as a active newspaper man with the Call-Bulletin, a Hearst publication. During those years…he was active in civic, church, fraternal and magic organization work. In 1929 he became a semi-professional Conjurer and, shortly before Pearl Harbor, entered the business of selling magical supplies as a side line…

Tom Dethlefsen, or Dave Lovsen, as he is known professionally…organized the San Francisco I.B.M. Ring No. 38. Also, he was secretary of S.A.M. Assembly No. 2 for many years. He is a member of of S.A.M., I.B.M. and the Oalkland Magic Circle, San Jose Mystic 27, and many other magical clubs… “

reprint of Genii Magazine August 1949 in What a Fellowship, p. 30

Tom retired from magic in the late 1960’s after a severe coronary. He passed away on December 8, 1965.