Publications & Promotions

The newly formed Fellowship of Christian Magicians began publishing a newsletter in 1954 just a couple of months after its first meeting. Eventually, this would grow to be a magazine that would be sent all over the world.

Much of the early growth of the organization was due to its newsletter/magazine. As the organization grew, ads were placed in outside magazines and in newspapers. Many chapters also started sending their own newsletters out to their members and FCM-Europe began publishing its own magazine.

Soon, promotional literature, such as brochures for the conventions were given to magic shops to have available for customers. Many FCM members today first heard about the FCM when visiting their local magic dealer.

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The First Newsletter, The Christian Conjurer, The Voice of the FCM, and Voila

The first newsletter soon had the name The Christian Conjurer. That eventually turned into the Voice of the FCM, Meanwhile, Europe published its own magazine, Voila

Chapter Newsletters

Several chapters printed their own newsletters. Today, they use facebook and email to communicate chapter news.


Over the years, ads have been placed in many publications outside the FCM. In addition, hundreds of brochures have been handed out.