Chapter Newsletters & More

Over the years many chapters have published newsletters and some have even done advertising. The FCM Museum has several of these in our archives. We share a sampling here, but if you would like to read more of the newsletters, FCM members can find them in our Library at


These Atlanta Newsletter were published first year the Atlanta chapter was in existence. This chapter continues to meet several times a year.

The Colorado-Rocky Mountain had a unique name to their newsletter.

The Dallas Ft.-Worth Chapter often had special presenters. In this issue it is Bruce Chadwick.

The Middle Tennessee Chapter included many updates.

The Flint Michigan chapter often got their names in the local newspapers.

The Ohio Chapter of the FCM remains very active and continues to have yearly magic conferences.

FCM-Europe published a newsletter for many years.

FCME had a unique card that opened to give information on the benefits of joining.

The India chapter was active for many years and published its own newsletter called Magic Wand.