The First Newsletter, The Christian Conjurer, The Voice of the FCM, and Voila

FCM Members can read the full content of all of the newsletters and magazines of the FCM in our library at

The first newsletters published in 1954 were titled ‘MAGIC for The Fellowship of CHRISTian Magicians‘. It had 4 pages and was printed on newspaper grade paper. You can read it below.

Five issues were published before the name became ‘The Christian Conjurer’ in July 1956.

The number of issues a year varied greatly in the early years as can be seen by this list of issues from 1956-1964.

The Christian Conjurer

In 1968, there were nine issues published. In 1969 & 1970, only six. Between 1971 & 1974 it was either nine or ten issues/year. Then, from 1976-1989, monthly issues were published. 1995 had only four issues, but finally in 1996, the Board of Directors set the number at six, where it remains today.

Design changes came fairly frequently as editors changed, printing methods improved, and membership grew. It was not until 1996 that a design was chosen that would remain virtually unchanged for more than a few years.

The Voice of the FCM

The design changed once again in 2010 when The Christian Conjurer became The Voice of the FCM in order to reflect the many different performing arts now involved in the FCM. By now, the age of computers was in full swing, so more color and greater variety was possible. Today, there are even QR codes that link the reader to videos for further instruction.

Enjoy a sample of the content of the magazine.


FCM-UK began publishing Voila for its members. There were two tiers of membership for the United Kingdom. They could pay higher FCM member dues and received both the Conjurer and Voila, or they could pay a lower amount and receive just Voila. The Christian Magicians-UK continue to publish Voila.

Today, members outside of the U.S.A. have the option of a ‘International Regular Membership’ and receive a physical copy of The Voice of the FCM, or they can sign up to be an ‘International Electronic Member’ and receive only the digital version of the magazine.