The FCM Family

“No matter where I travel in the U.S.A., I know that if I find myself needing help I can just call a member of the FCM in that area, whether I know them or not, and they will respond.”

FCM member in 2023

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians is truly a family. Lifetime friendships are made. Like any family, there are occasional differences of opinion, but the love of the body of Christ truly shines in the FCM.

Members of the FCM range in age from the very young to the aged, and in skill levels from the hobbyist to the top of the professionals. Participation also varies, some become elected leaders either Internationally or in their Chapter; some do much in the way of helping in other areas like editors, the many folks involved in setting up a convention (convention chair, registrar section chair, lecturer, speaker, performer, dealers, or those who just jump in where needed), those who deal with membership questions, contributers to the magazine and those who pray regularly for the FCM. Members at large support the FCM by their dues, participating in Zoom meetings, attending conventions, and more.

Every Member of the FCM is equally valuable and the organization would not exist without our members. Unfortunately, we do not have the time or space to mention all who have served and are serving the FCM. We invite you to explore the pages about different FCM family members. As you do so, keep in mind the hundreds of members not mentioned, but that are just as vital to the organization.