Board Members

Having held every office in the organization, I know the blessings and the blunders and I must in total honesty commend all officers past, present and future for their efforts in serving the members, building the organization and doing it all unto the Lord.

Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, p.92

Presidents could not function without their fellow officers. Elections on a national basis actually began in 1962. Prior to that time, officers were decided by the founding San Francisco chapter. The first election was only for president. The secretary position was first elected nationally in 1964. By 1969, Vice-President and Treasurer were added to the ballot, and in 1971 a second vice-president was added. From 1965 until 1971, seven regional vice-presidents were also appointed by the president.

Records are incomplete for many years, so the list of names for these offices may have gaps. We thank all of the folks who have served the FCM in offices over the years.