Sec-re-tar-y (noun): an official of a society or other organization who conducts its correspondence and keeps its records.

Oxford online dictionary

The role of FCM secretary started simply–take notes of meetings and keep the records. As the organization grew, however, so did the role of secretary. Records multiplied as membership numbers were assigned, newsletter/then magazines were mailed, and questions poured in from all over the world. Once the secretary position became an elected position, the secretary became an official Executive Board position.

Initially, the secretary took care of all membership issues as well as the Board business. As the organization moved nationwide, it was recognized that one person could not do it all and a secretary just to deal with memberships and mailing the magazine was formed. This position eventually was given the title Mail Center Secretary. The following members served as secretary of the organization. Click on the link earlier in this paragraph to learn about the mail center secretaries.

Secretaries in the Order They Served

Helen Easterly: 1954-1955. Helen was a pioneer of the FCM. She was only secretary for a few months before she & her husband went into Missions. She also served as Editor of the first five newsletters.

Stan Adair: 1955-1959. Member #1 of the FCM. When he took over as secretary, he was also president, treasurer, editor, and janitor!

Bill Oberg: 1959-1965. Bill was also president during the first three years. In addition he served as editor 1961-1963.

Gary Collins: Served as secretary 1966-1968

“…Gary Collins, his wife Wendy, and their daughter Rynda…are in fulltime Evangelistic work. They travel…with their truck camper and airstream trailer…

Gary has been active in the F.C.M. for a long time…secretary 1966. More recently Gary was in charge…handling youth contest…at Winona Lake. Gary has four Vent figures…He does a good job with them all. Gary and Wendy also have a large puppet family…Gary and Wendy are both magicians…”

Christian Conjurer, 1977_21-5

Bill Baker: 1968-1969. Bill would also serve two different times as president and as editor

. Reg Carson: In addition to Secretary from 1970-1977, Reg served as Vice-President, President of the Toronto Chapter, and Territorial VP for Canada.

“…The first magician that Reg saw was a minister named Loney…The impression made never left…

“Becoming involved in magic at an early age…was sufficient to send Reg to the books…becoming involved with adult Sunday School..Reg had to meet a friendly challenge to promote increased attendance. Magic!…wanting a silk hankie lettered…Jimmy Lake delivered it…Jimmy said he had heard of Reg and was interested in the association of Christianity and Magic…the growth of both men in the Lord’s service and in the FCM organization has been a blessing…”

Christian Conjurer 1969_13-2

Art Zachman served 1978-1979. He also helped with several conventions at Winona Lake. He was responsible for most of the research done for the 25th Anniversary in 1978 and his research was very valuable to Stan Adair in writing What a Fellowship.

“…is a master magician who uses slight of hand and intricate illusions to illustrate Bible truths and present the Gospel message…He performs for youth groups, family nights…frequently does a complete “sermon in magic”…

Prior to retirement late in 1972…had been doing professional magic in the Chicago area for about ten years under the stage name ‘The Wizard of AZ’…

Christian Conjurer, 1976_20-6

Frances ‘Bunny’ Brown was secretary 1980-1981. She also helped re-organize the Toronto chapter and served as co-chairman of the Flea Market at Winona Lake conventions.

“Frances ‘Bunny’ Brown received Christ as a little child…and by sixteen was…using flannelgraph and the old glass lantern slides…

“…her husband was sick for two years…At this time she became interested in Gospel Magic and began to learn…After Wilf’s death Frances realized she could go out and take programs again, but could use magic equipment for the Lord…”

Christian Conjurer, 1982_26-5

Liz VonSeggen served 1982-1989. She and her husband Dale also founded and ran “One Way Street”. Liz was active in the FCM for almost 50 years.

“Liz is “Miss Vent” around the world, and is considered a topnotch authority in her field…She has tirelessly given of herself conducting workshops and classes, and the two [Liz and Dale] of them have put on many wonderful evening programs with their talented performers.

“But this is not all–Liz has for many years been our Fellowship Recording Secretary, involving sitting in on official Board meetings, keeping exacting minutes, and sending out endless reports to the officers. And all without pay!…”

Christian Conjurer, 1989_33-9

Photo to left: Liz VonSeggen & Taffy. 1999

Steve Varro: 1990-1995. Over the course of 40 years, Steve served in every office of the FCM board.

Scott Flom: 1996-1999. Scott and his entire family were very active in the FCM. His son, Justin Flom, would become a well-known magician. Scott is known for his creativity, generosity, and friendly personality. Scott often invited community members to come to the evening programs at FCM conferences.

Lohren Meier served as secretary 2000-2008. He remains active in the FCM doing regular lectures, is dealer chair at the conventions, and performing.

“Lohren Meier was brought up in a Christian family…He began his entertaining career at the age of 10 by learning ventriloquism…While attending High School…took some drama classes and performed..also did Ventriloquism for the annual talent shows…taught himself to juggle…while attending Concordia Collage…Lohren began to clown…started a group ‘Clown for Christ’ so he could keep on clowning...

“Lohren joined FCM in 1988..setting up clown workshops…for 13 years…In 1993…began to incorporate more magic into his clowning and also…to perform as a magician...

Christian Conjurer, 20016_50-3

Photo to left: 1997

Jim Austin: approximately 2008-2011 (years unclear from records). Jim and his wife also served as registrars at the FCM convention.

Kif Anderson served 2011-2013. Kif, Gene Oswald, Joey & Alexandra Evans, and Faith Renee Anderson began an FCM podcast. This was the first FCM venture into digital communication.

“I joined the fellowship in 2000 when I heard about it for the first time as the Los Angeles chapter was forming…I love the variety of other art forms…So much to learn from each other…This organization and the people involved have so much to offer the lay people and ministers of the church…I have grown so much while teaching and helping others.

Christian Conjurer, 2008_52-4

Joey Evans: 2013-2017. Joey has been active in the FCM since he was a teen. He was the long-time host of the Late Show at FCM conventions. He also served as President of the FCM.

Beth Salo: 2017-2023. Beth also writes a column called ‘Family Matters’ for the Voice of the FCM, chairs the flea market, and takes care of membership questions.

Beth accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at age five. She always enjoyed watching gospel ventriloquists, chalk artists, and magicians, but did not actually get involved until her son, Aaron, became interested in 1996. In 1997, Beth and her family heard about the FCM and the convention became their annual family vacation destination. The FCM has so much to offer to entire families, not just adults. Beth and her husband, Nels, consider the FCM their family.

Leland Davis: 2023- (current). Leland joined the FCM in 2006 and has attended all but one FCM convention since that time. He is also very active in the Atlanta Chapter. Leland uses gospel magic, storytelling, and gospel science in ministry. He accepted the Lord as Savior when very young and been involved in gospel ministry all his adult life.

“I would like to make the FCM attractive to all gospel ministries for all levels from beginners to the accomplished.”

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