Tom Dethlefsen was one of the four pioneers of the FCM. He was treasurer from Nov. 1953-1955 when ill health prevented his continuing in this role.

Stan Adair became treasurer when Tom Dethlefsen could not continue. He was also President, Secretary, & Editor! He remained in this role until 1959.

Bill Oberg took over from Stan Adair as President, Secretary & Treasurer in June 1959. He soon realized that more folks needed to be involved.

Rev. Richard ‘Dick’ Pearson was FCM Member #115. He was from Illinois. We have no known photos of him, but the paragraph to the right appeared in the May 1960 column written by Bill Oberg. It is unclear whether he remained treasurer until 1966 or if Bill Oberg was once again treasurer for a time.

Rev. Sherman Epler was the first nationally elected treasurer and took office in 1966. He served until 1970. He was member #85, so had been involved with the FCM from early on and would remain an active member for many years. He wrote a report of the first conference in 1958.

Rev. Epler passed away March 4, 1985 at the age of 95. He had been a personal friend of Thurston & Houdini. He wrote many columns for the Conjurer. Was an honorary life member of S.A.M. after serving many years as their chaplain. He continued to perform into his 90s.

The Christian Conjurer, 1985, Vol. 29-3
Sherm Epler, Reg Carson, & James Knorr

John Gallagher was treasurer from 1970-1971 during Bill Baker’s first term as president. John passed away in 1981.

…At the age of twelve he became a member of the Blackstone’s Junior Magicians Club…He accepted Jesus as his personal Savior at age nineteen…was informed that magic was of the devil…he would destroy all his magic…Providence Bible Institute where he was amazed to find a Gospel Magician and was thrilled to discover that God could use even this talent…

“If in my small way I can serve my Lord by serving F.C.M….I am willing to be used…”

The Christian Conjurer Sept-Oct. 1969, Vol. 13-5

Gordon Geise took office in 1971 and served as treasurer until 1975. The only picture we have of Gordon was the one at left from the July-Aug. 1968 issue of the Christian Conjurer.

Robert ‘Bob’ Follmer: 1976-1980. Bob was a balloon artist and magician.

“Magic has been, outside of marriage to Audrey, the only consistent thing I have ever stayed with…Magic, like our marriage, has been a blessing and full of many unexpected rewards.”

The Christian Conjurer Nov-Dec. 1975, Vol. 19-6

Edward Davis served as treasurer from 1980-1984. He would then serve as vice-president and become president in 1988.

Jean Hendrickson, who later went by ‘GloriaJean’, served as treasurer 1984-1989. Jean had been the conference pianist for several years, taught classes in ventriloquism until the early 2000’s, performed several times in evening programs. She would become mail center secretary in 1990.

“…Orphaned as a young child, she was brought up by three maiden aunts…Les Lamborne introduced Jean to the Fellowship in 1977…and she became an enthusiastic supporter from then on. She got into vent then, and two years later branched into general magic…Her ready smile, willingness to help out..her capability in vent and magic, and her strong witness for her Lord have endeared Jean to all of our F.C.M. Family…”

The Christian Conjurer Oct. 1985, Vol. 29-10

Pete Everett: Treasurer 1990-2000. He would resign in 2000 due to health issues.

“His heart is 100% for the Lord, and he has more energy than most people 1/2 his age.”

Eric Reamer, Editor, The Christian Conjurer Sept-Oct. 1994, Vol. 38-5

“My 3 teenage children were involved in inner-city work…After many problems…we decided I would join them and try magic. The results were tremendous… I started using magic in the missions of New York City, the correctional institutions, and reaching young people in Greenwich Village…I have never done a program where I haven’t given 100% of my time and energy…I joined the FCM in 1971, and I thank God for the many wonderful friends who have helped me…my goal is that we unite our hearts in love, and then reach out as never before to win our wonderful country for Jesus Christ…”

The Christian Conjurer Sept-Oct. 1994, Vol. 38-5

Rev. Orville ‘Bud’ Whitacre Jr.: Treasurer 2000-2003. Bud was a chalk artist. Bud also was a full-time minister involved in many church & civic groups, and a karate instructor. He held a 3rd degree black belt. At the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair, he was director of a Puppet Ministry. His faithful ministry impacted many. Bud went home to the Lord on January 29, 2021.

Information taken from Obituary

Bill Branson, Jr. aka “Billy Bob” served as treasurer from 2003-2008. Bill is a pleasant, helpful gentleman who has done magic for many years. Despite health issues, he continues to attend FCM conferences and help where he can.

Len Camp was treasurer beginning in 2008 and served until 2015 when he and Jay Rumple, who was then a Vice-President exchanged jobs with the Board’s approval.

Jay Rumple: the Board decided to switch Len Camp from treasurer to Vice-President & Jay Rumple from Vice-President to treasurer in 2015. He served until fall 2016 when he was removed from office.

Steve Varro served as both president and treasurer until Ynita Swomley was appointed, then elected, treasurer in 2017. Steve and Stan Adair are the only two members of the FCM to serve in every office.

Ynita Swomley was treasurer 2017-2020. She and her husband, John, also served two years as conference coordinators.

“Ynita is a face painter by trade. She got bored at a 2005 Magic Convention…and took a face painting class…and fell in love…Her passion is for the community…they have traveled all across the country and Canada…The year was 2008 when John and Ynita finally made it to an FCM convention…”

The Christian Conjurer Jan-Feb. 2017, Vol. 61-1

Brian Foshee served as treasurer from 2020-2021 when he resigned due to lack of time to dedicate to the position.

“…I found myself the lone Christian in a house with Jews…I have an appreciation for the customs Jesus lived in…When I was 13, my uncle Russell bought me and my siblings each a magic trick…It was my first taste…In college, I opened a magic shop of my own…2003 was the first year my company, B. Happie Entertainment, produced over 1000 shows…Performing, or anything else, I have a golden rule. Customer service is number 1.”

The Voice of the FCM July-Aug. 2018, Vol. 62-4
Brian Foshee–Joey Evans in back.

Andrew Anderson acted as treasurer as well as 1st VP from August 2021 until July 2022 when he officially changed positions. He would then be elected for another 3 yr. term beginning in 2023. He started as 2nd VP, moved to 1st VP, then to treasurer. You can read more about Andrew on the Vice Presidents page.