Vice Presidents

vice pres-i-dent: (noun) an official or executive ranking below and deputizing for a president.

Oxford online dictionary

In 1969, the office of vice president was added to the ballot. The membership realized that there needed to be an officer who would be able to take on leadership is something happened to the president. Within a few years, there were actually two vice presidents elected. The titles given these offices were 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President.

In 1969, the office of vice president was added to the ballot. The membership realized that there needed to be an officer who would be able to take on leadership is something happened to the president. Within a few years, there were actually two vice presidents elected. The titles given these offices were 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President.

Initially, the responsibilities of the vice president were minimal per the FCM constitution. However, many vice presidents actively helped with convention planning and other duties while serving. Today, the FCM constitution has added specific job duties to the position including being the liaison for chapters, assisting with convention planning, and coordinating scholarships.

Many of the FCM presidents were vice presidents first. It gave them a chance to learn before taking on the presidency.

Note: Prior to the official Vice President position, there were seven regional vice presidents appointed. These men are not included in our list since they had no vote on the Board & their role was more as representatives of their region.

Vice Presidents (not necessarily in the order they served)

Stan Adair: Served as a 2nd Vice President during Ralph Mills presidency.

Reg Carson: See Secretaries to learn more about Reg.

John deVries: Later John would be elected President of the FCM.

James Dracup: Served as Vice President in Bill Baker’s first term. Jim was active in the FCM. He was president of the Philadelphia chapter and taught and performed at conferences. He also wrote some articles for the Christian Conjurer. As you can see on the right, in 1970 he won the trophy for “Most Outstanding Contribution To the Conference”

Gordon Geise: Another active member of the FCM. He also served as treasurer. He spoke and lectured at conferences and was active in his local chapter as well as the FCM as a whole. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear picture of Gordon.

Ralph Mills: He would later serve as president. Ralph was another very active member of the FCM.

Rev. Thomas Musser: Tom Musser was elected to the Board in 1976. He got into gospel magic in 1972 after being encouraged to do so by John deVries.

Christian Conjurer, 1973_17-6, p.14

“Dottie and I decided one day we needed to have some hobbies. We picked up a number of them in our quest…One year, we picked up a couple of magic tricks, showed them to a number of children, and from that it led to an invitation…led to more requests…

“Tom and his wife, Dottie…began working as a magical team about 1961.”

Christian Conjurer, 1973_17-6, p.15

Earl ‘Gil’ Gilmore: served as Vice President during Ralph Mills presidency. Gil was very active in the FCM conferences performing and lecturing.

Gary Means: In addition to serving on the Board while Len Camp was president, Gary lectured at conventions and was long time chalk art chair. Gary passed away July 19, 2023.

“The beginning of my interest in chalk art goes back to my high school days…I was asked to do a ‘chalk talk’ for a Sunday evening youth service…as the years wore on, the Lord directed and opened more areas for presentations…

“…one weekend there was a letter from Mr. Tony Birch at the mail center of some kind of an organization called the Fellowship of Christian Magicians who were having a conference in a few weeks…Tony said I might be interested in seeing a fellow named Larry MacAllen draw…I caught a glimpse of FCM that year…The experience of fellowship and learning was and is unmatched by any other conference I have attended.”

Christian Conjurer, 1984_28-8, pp. 3-4

Jule Miller: In addition to being active in the FCM, Jule Miller wrote books such as the one below. He is probably best known for writing Tarbell’s Spiritual Applications, Vol I & II. Jule passed away before he could complete any more of the Tarbell series.

Edward Davis: Eddie also served as President and as Treasurer in the FCM.

Rev. Thomas M. Johnson: Tom was an accomplished ventriloquist and always had fun with his figure. He was active at the FCM conferences, speaking, lecturing, and performing as well as joking around with Eddie Davis.

“…the classroom door opens and a handsome, silver-haired man enters the room. “Hey! It’s Mr. Johnson!” “Wonder what he’s going to do today?”…During class, he may suddenly pull out his dummy…And if not the dummy, he may whip out a handkerchief and show a magic trick…students can be sure that the class will be enjoyed…”

Christian Conjurer, 1983_27-6

Paul Everett: Paul served as Vent Chair & editor in addition to vice president. Paul lectured, spoke, and performed at several FCM conferences.

“Since January of 1970, Evangelist Paul Everett and his ‘partner’, Wally Wood, has, with the use of ventriloquism, Gospel magic and chalk art, been conducting Family and Youth Crusades …

” ‘Pastor Paul’, as he is known…is a frequent speaker at churches, summer camps, youth rallies, school assemblies, …Paul also teaches classes on ventriloquism, puppetry, gospel magic and chalk art…”

Christian Conjurer, 1982_26-1

Len Camp: Len served the FCM as treasurer and president as well as vice president.

Jill Bryan: Jill ‘Jillybean’ Bryan has gone through some rough times in life, but has learned to trust the Lord to bring her through. She has been active in the FCM since the 1970s and is currently helping to form a new Florida chapter. She was also served on the FCM board in 1994.

“Thank you for entrusting me with the position of 2nd Vice President for FCM…I have watched the hand of God move in my life and minister to me both personally an corporately…My prayer is that you and I are using our gifts to glorify the Father…”

Christian Conjurer, 2004_48-2

Steven Parker: In addition to being a vice president, Steven served many years as Vent Chair and Late Late Vent Chair. Steven is a master ventriloquist and is the national voice of ‘McGruff the Crime Dog’.

“Our 1st Vice President is…Ventriloquist, Magician, Puppeteer, Balloonist, Soloist, and Preacher…Along with his Gospel ministry, he is very active using his talents in the Law Enforcement arena…He is dedicated to the FCM and to serving our Lord…

“I would like to see our Fellowship grow and provide the best training and programs to share the Gospel…”

Christian Conjurer, 1996_40-2

Steve Varro: Has held every office on the Board.

Paul Ricksecker: aka ‘Hoby Tyler” was a long-time member of the FCM. He lectured and performed many times at the conferences. He also served as President of the Ohio FCM chapter.

“In 1997…turned in an entry of 308 separate magic effects performed in one minute and 32 seconds…Paul is a full time magician and clown. He began in 1958 as a circus type clown and began magic in the 70’s…The highpoint of his career was finding the FCM. There is no price tag for the fellowship, conventions and most of all the reminders of our responsibilities to God…”

Christian Conjurer, 1998_42-3

Dennis Blacksmith: In addition to serving as vice president, Dennis was the hospitality hosts when the conference was in Cedar Rapids, IA in the early 1990s. Dennis also lectured, performed and served as Heritage Club President.

“Than you Lord for the amazing life experiences that are the result of the interest you instilled in me in the performing arts. As a teenager…on the New York Broadway stage…and how the corporate world operated when I was staff magician for SAK’s Fifth Avenue…I take your new assignment for me seriously…I will honor you by drawing others to you, by using the tools you have given me, by teaching others…Please bless our organization, bless the leadership, keep us humble but faithful…”

Christian Conjurer, 2004_48-6

Del Wilson: Del is an accomplished magician and ventriloquist. In addition to being vice president, he was a founding member of the Tulsa, OK chapter and served as president of the FCM as well.

Jay Rumple was elected Vice-President and then in 2015, with the Board’s support, he switched positions with then-treasurer Len Camp. Jay had been active in the FCM since his teenage years when he won the Youth Talent Competition for Magic. His dad, John Rumple, was also very active. For many years, Jay was stage manager for the evening programs and he worked on the FCM websites.

Jed Crouse aka ‘Presto’ the Clown: Jed served as vice president under Joey Evans. “I love the opportunities the Lord has blessed me withBe a learner… most inspiration…comes from God’s Word…three books on your book stand: your Bible, a book related to your work, and a pleasure book.”

Jed grew up in Baraboo, WI, home of the Ringling Bros. Cirucs…He was introduced to magic by his 6th grade teacher. At college, Prof. Terry Linhart introduced Jed to the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. Jed got into clowning as a ministry to a local nursing home…he hasn’t stopped… Jed is a circus clown… a minister, volunteers at Circus World Museum… and performs around the world.

Voice_2016, 60-1

In 2019, Jed and his wife Traci, opened a Children’s Museum in Baraboo, WI whose mission is to “To provide playful experiences that inspire and educate every child.”

Dr. Donald Nelson: In addition to serving as vice president, Don is a creative balloon artist and served many years as the Balloon section chair. For several years, he has also provided the FCM with many of its convention photos.

“Growing up…I learned to create my own entertainment…Inspired by a couple of magicians who had visited my school, I requested some books on magic tricks..From these I learned some of the basics…I personally came to understand…after listening to a radio preacher…

“My interest in illusion stayed pretty dormant for…two decades. Years later…an organization called the Fellowship of Christian Magicians came to town for their annual convention. I went to some of the evening performances…and would up joining…I had never twisted balloons before joining FCM…They introduced me to Ralph Dewey…Things took off from there…I have used balloons to entertain and relax patients in the office and the hospital…I also enjoy teaching.”

Christian Conjurer, 2008_52-2

Jamie Doyle: Jamie moved from 1st vice president to president in just eight months after Duane Laflin’s resignation. Jamie had been very active in FCM chapters in the past.

Andrew Anderson began his term on the board in 2020. He started as 2nd VP, moved to 1st VP, and then to treasurer. He has performed professionally for over 25 years. His wife, Zandra, joined him in 2008. They perform at both secular and Gospel events. Andrew is also a talented musician.

Curt Patty: Curt served as Clown chair, lectured, and performed, as well as helping with the flea market. He and his wife, Diana, founded the Mid MO Creative Ministries chapter. In March 2021 , he was asked to serve as acting 2nd VP. He graciously agreed to do so until the business meeting in July.

“We began teaching Sunday school…Puppets seemed to be a great choice…so we used some old puppets and made new ones. Soon after, a couple…invited us to go to a children’s home to watch them perform…Watching this couple…Diana and I knew…we wanted to share the gospel using these creative ministry skills. Shortly after, this couple started a group at the church and this is where Handy Andy and Blossom were born.

“We began using skits, puppets, and clowning to share the gospel of Christ…We visited our local Ickle Pickle store owned by Steve Bender. This is where we learned about the FCM…We started attending in 2002…We look forward…as bing our revival time, at time for us to get refreshed, visit old friends and make new friends…”

The Voice of the FCM, Vol.58-4 July/Aug 2014

P.J. Weber: P.J. has been an FCM member since 1976. He has served as Heritage Club chair and has been in charge of Late Late Magic for many years. P.J. was elected as 2nd VP in July 2021 and moved to 1st VP in 2022 when Andrew Anderson changed office to Treasurer.

“…the answer would be PJ Weber. Your question would be, ‘What F.C.M. Entertainer has performed in over 65 countries and for four U.S. Presidents, thousands of U.S. Troops and also in Moscow for Mikhail Gorbachev?

“I was raised in a Christian home, I had a neighbor who was a magician and I bugged him all the time…Finally he said he would teach me a trick if I would do chores…we got a new pastor (Rev. Morris)…He was a gospel magician…He taught me magic with a message…I am a Chavez graduate…My focus is now on gospel magic…”

Christian Conjurer, 2011_55-2

Greg Phillips: Greg was elected to 2nd VP in July 2022 to fill a vacant seat. He was then elected to take office as a full term beginning Sept. 1, 2023. Greg is also the current Convention chair.

“My first magic show was a birthday party in 1967. My first tricks were from a King Vitamin Cereal Box…From a young age I wanted to travel the world, performing for as many people as I could and I wanted my magic to mean something to those watching.

In elementary school, one of the teachers…invited me to meet her husband…an evangelist magician…I met Rev. John Savard and he taught me many basic magic tricks…I learned all the stories about saviors…but it didn’t make sense…My dad told me I need to have a puppet…I continue using puppets…My feet hit a wet spot…I had broken the second and third cervical vertebrae. It took nearly 2 years…Only now I was a Christian…I attended my first FCM conventions both regional and International…Remember…I wanted my magic to mean something…God has given me the desires of my heart!”

Christian Conjurer, 2018_62-6

Randy Christensen: Randy took office as 1st VP September 1, 2023. Randy’s family-friendly comedy career began the Fall of 1980 while at college. Since then, he has learned grown, and shared his heart and humor around the world. He uses circus and variety arts methods to engage, educate, and entertain his audiences. He was named as one of four Master Clowns for the World Clown Association (WCA) and served as president of the WCA. Randy is an ordained minster and evangelist.

“My goal as an FCM leader is to support the vision of our president and FCM leadership through diligent work; Help promote the FCM into the world of clown and children’s ministry; and help provide insights, input and help to raise the quality and effectiveness of our FCM conventions.

I will strive to bring prayerfulness, effective procedures, and insights to help raise our level of effectiveness as an organization.”

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