Del Wilson, 17th President of the FCM August 1, 2008-July 31, 2014

“When I was assigned to the 16th Air Force, their motto was, ‘Keep Flexible’. When Xerox was a new and growing company, we were told things are happening so fast that we must be willing to accept change. In other words, they were saying ‘Keep Flexible’. In I Corinthians 9:17-20, the Apostle Paul writes, ‘”‘…I have been entrusted with a stewardship…..I have become all things to all men that I might by all means save some.’ The Apostle Paul is saying ‘Keep Flexible’. I chose to make ‘Keep Flexible’ my personal motto with three words added, ‘Keep Flexible & Have Fun!’… The FCM is a growing and changing organization. I challenge all FCM members to remember to “Keep Flexible and Have Fun!”.

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

I have always enjoyed performing, but my real joy came when I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in the summer of 1963.”

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

Del Wilson grew up in the “Carny” world. Del did not grow up in a Christian home. His mother was a Christian, but his father wasn’t. They did send him to Sunday school, but they stayed home. His first Christian influence came from his mother’s twin sister and her husband, the Methodist preacher. He spent time on/off throughout his childhood living with his mother’s sister and her Methodist minister husband.

I am a real live Okie. I was born in a small town in Oklahoma and have lived in Oklahoma all my life except for a time in the Air Force.

My interest in magic began as a third grader when my uncle, a Methodist preacher, and his wife gave me a $2.00 Gilbert Magic Set for my ninth birthday…I performed my first stage program for the entire elementary school…My teenage years were spent performing magic in northeastern Oklahoma for churches, civic groups, and birthday parties. While in the Air Force, one of my fun assignments was traveling with a group of other servicemen throughout western Oklahoma entertaining at high schools with magic, music and comedy…after military service…enrolled at Oklahoma State University and joined the Student Entertainers Society to help pay for expenses…I performed my first gospel trick in 1972. And, like most Christian magicians, I though I had come up with a brand new idea, gospel magic. In 1976, I discovered I wasn’t the only person in the world doing gospel magic. This was when I found out about the Fellowship of Christian Magicians through a fellow magician and friend, Billy Hamptini. I immediately joined the FCM…I desired to attend one of the FCM conventions held at Winona Lake…It was several years before that would happen.”

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

“As I look back on those who have served before me, I realize I have some big shoes to fill. But with you remembering me in your prayers and by the grace of God I can do it…

I have been praying about the direction we are to take in the next few years. At this time, I believe God has impressed on me one word, SIMPLIFY. It is important that we be good stewards of our time and money…this, at times, will me an change…without change it’s difficult to move forward.”

Del Wilson in President’s letter-2008-Christian-Conjurer_52-5

Del’s gospel presentation is always based around two themes, “Jesus is Lord” and “Jesus loves you”. He uses different object lessons and scripture to illustrate this.

Christian Conjurer Jan. 1985, Vol. 29-No.1

“…In 1984, my 20th anniversary with Xerox, I received a fourth week of vacation. This became FCM week for me…I attended my first FCM convention and even roomed with the FCM president, Dr. Jerry Burgess. I finally got to meet all the people I had been reading about in the Conjurer and formed some great friendships…The fun thing about this, I have friends in the FCM that I haven’t even met yet!”

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

When Del was about five, his mother made him a mouse hand puppet. He loved it and played with it all the time… his aunt then gave him a little boy doll dressed like a sailor whose arms and legs moved. He made himself a marionette style puppet with the doll…he began drawing in second grade and found a book on chalk talk (chalk art) that was gospel related…

“I guess first came the puppets, then the chalk art, and then the magic. The ventriloquism came later.

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

Del first became interested in ventriloquism in the sixth grade. But he did juggled first…in the sixth grade he was given a book called ‘Fun for Boys’ and in the back was a chapter on ventriloquism…He saved up money and ordered ‘Happy’ a ventriloquist doll with a string to open its mouth. Some kids teased him about playing with dolls and he did not add it back until years later when he decided it would add ventriloquism to be more accepted in churches…He was provided with the Maher Studios vent course and in 1976 was able to order Scotty, a figure carved by Craig Lovik…Houdini was his inspiration for magic…Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney in ventriloquism

Christian Conjurer Jan/Feb 2006, Vol. 50-1

Del became known for using the current FCM President (as well as others)as his ventriloquist figure.

2021: Ed Jarvis, Del Wilson, Jamie Doyle (standing), Jerry Burgess, Steve Varro, Len Camp

Del has written a series of 12 books on different types of tricks. Each begins with the title ’12 Gospel Tricks with …” Those books are being used all over America and other parts of the world. He also has written other books and lecture notes used by many

Del loves to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. He will make ‘balloon dogs’ out of beads and use a gospel coin to do a trick & share the way of Salvation with waitresses, hotel staff, and anyone else he meets. He has several stories of people coming to know the Lord as personal Savior due to the Holy Spirit using this witness.

While on a mission trip to South Africa, with a fellow magician friend, we entertained and witnessed to over 5,000 men, women, and children of all ages in eleven days…The Lord blessed our journey with over 1700 people receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior during that time.

Del Wilson 2022