Rev. Duane Laflin, 13th & 20th President of the FCM August 1, 2020-March 16, 2021

“The Fellowship of Christian Magicians is truly about fellowship. When I first attended an annual conference almost forty years ago I met people who are yet my friends today. There is no way to put an earthly value on the relationships I have found within the FCM. They are a heavenly kind of treasure! The sharing of ideas, the creative thinking and the love of Christ has come my way through this organization in a manner for which I will be forever grateful.”

April 2022

Duane doesn’t care for the term Gospel magic, so he uses Christian Illusionist instead.

“Duane placed his faith and trust in Christ as a young boy, four years of age, he was lead to the Lord by his father who was an evangelical minister…For 16 years (1975-1991) he served as pastor…Duane got into magic accidentally in 1973. He had been asked to do an object lesson for a Sunday School program. He didn’t know what to do but came across a book called Trick Talks for Children. He browsed through the book, saw a couple simple tricks he thought he could use, bought the book and did his first magic trick on Sunday morning (cut & restored string). It was very successful. The Pastor learned two things that morning: 1) The kids listened intently and 2) his application came through loud and clear…Soon the budding magician had exhausted the book, went to the library and book stores and picked up every book he could on magic..”

What a Fellowship, pp. 138

“…Mainly to make sure the organization continues to be a source of great ideas for ministry. I want us to maintain the fellowship I found when I first joined in 1975. I want the spiritual fervor for soul winning and Bible teaching to stay strong. I want to challenge and educate our members to make their presentations with excellence.”

Letter response to Stan Adair’s question in 1992 as to what he wanted to do while President as quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 139

“What a thrill! it was like a circus, college seminar on communications, and an old fashioned revival all rolled into one big week. I met friends at Winona Lake that year that are some of the best friends I now have in this world. I was in awe of just about everyone and everything I saw. I was also amazed that people were so friendly and willing to share with a beginner like myself.”

As quoted from letter to Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, p. 139

“…he came across a book by Harold Wells that gave some lessons on Gospel magic and listed the name and address of FCM in the back. Duane was overjoyed when he learned about such an organization…Laflin attended his first National Convention in 1975…

Duane dreamed that some day he might even perform on the stage at Winona Lake. This opportunity came in 1985 when he did a 15 minute spot. He was invited back in 1986…and again in 1987 when he not only performed but gave a lecture and was awarded ‘Best Lecture at the Convention’ ..Since that time, Rev. Duane Laflin has been very active in FCM”

What a Fellowship, pp. 138-39

…after 15 years as a full time performer, he learned that his grandmother had, many years previous, been involved in gospel illustrator’s movement and had used magic tricks in evangelistic work with children. Since his grandmother lost her life in a car accident, he had known nothing about her use of magic..”It seems it was my destiny to do what I do now. It was in my life before I was ever born, but I didn’t know it. Yet, I too, discovered this means of ministry and now it is my life’s work.

April 2022

“… in 1991, Duane, wife Mary and four children felt a deep conviction that God was calling them from the pastorate into more of an outreach type of ministry…It was a hard decision to leave the security of a loving congregation and growing church…God showed His approval, however, and in the first two months of evangelistic work they saw over 100 people accept Christ as Savior…

What a Fellowship, pp. 138-39

Duane Laflin has worldwide experience on the secular level, along with ministry with his magic. In South Africa he taught at the Siegfried & Roy Collage of Magic, in Mexico City he received the illusionist award and the Magic Circle in London, England awarded him the honor of Inner Magic Circle with Gold star. Duane has performed on stage on five continents and in many high profile venues around the world.

April 2022

Known For: Work with Silks; Showmanship