Rev. L. Edward ‘Eddie’ Davis, 11th President of the FCM January 1, 1988-December 31, 1989

“Members of the fellowship–you have a bright future if you will remember to always keep the SON in your eyes, because of Who He Is.”

In letter to Stan Adair, quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 137

“Eddie Davis…is an evangelist..he prefers to be known as a Christian Illusionist rather than a Christian Magician.

Born of a share cropper, I left home at the age of 16, started drinking and leading a sinful life. I joined the U.S. Navy and spent the next four years aboard a battleship. After discharge (honorable) I lost several good jobs because of my drinking habits. Finally, one fellow worker cared enough to witness to me which resulted in my accepting Christ as Saviour. I felt God was calling me into Christian work so…by entering the Florida Baptist Theological College…I …earned by Graduate of Theology Degree…I married my sweetheart, Betty….I served several churches as Associate Pastor and also Minister of Music…

While serving in churches, I needed a way to illustrate the Gospel, and God led me to FCM member Pastor M.R. Ortwein and then later to David Wellard…the men encouraged me to get my secular magic converted to Gospel magic. That was no easy task as the old self kept getting in the way. I joined FCM in 1968 after Tony Birch mailed me an application and some old copies of the Conjuror…

Excerpt of letter to Stan Adair, quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 137

“…The Magic Bug bit me when a magician came to my elementary school. One of the tricks I remember was the ‘Die Box’. I played around with magic during my teens…I did not dream at the time that one day I would be President of an organization such as The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Treasurer for over five years, 1st Vice President for four years, and presently serving as 2nd Vice President. I have been on the Board of Directors for over 15 years…

Over the years, in my service to FCM, God has kept me on the Board to encourage and promote the high standard of presentation of the Gospel and to stimulate the wining of lost souls…”

excerpt from letter, What a Fellowship pp. 136-137

“I met Ralph Mills in 1976 and he also encouraged me to get involved with the Fellowship, so I attended my first convention in 1977 at Winona Lake, IN. I was hooked immediately!”

Eddie was president when word was received that Winona Lake was closing to outside conferences. In a letter to Stan Adair he shares “What a blow. As President, it was the responsibility of myself and the Board of Directors to find a new location. We went to Wheaton College for one year and then had to move again but God gave us the grace to survive. It was extremely hard to give up our beloved Winona Lake and the precious memories it had provided for so many of us.”

What a Fellowship, p. 137

Eddie was known for his wonderful sense of humor and love of jokes. Here he is being Tom Johnson’s vent figure in 1983.

Eddie passed away April 3, 2015 at the age of 91.