Rev. Len Camp, 9th President of the FCM January 1, 1980-December 31, 1983

“I have loved the Fellowship, her ministry, and her people since that first day back at Winona Lake in July of 1975. She has been a wonderful family to me. She has given me life. I cannot adequately express the depth of my emotion and love for all that is the FCM.

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians has always exemplified to me the truth that, ‘When God’s people, work together in God’s way ,to do God’s work, God blesses.’ I’ve known this truth and I’ve seen it alive in FCM.”

Len Camp in letter to Stan Adair, quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 134

“Len Camp got interested in gospel magic in 1969. He had known two Christian magicians so he had seen what could be done with this unique presentation. One man, (Ray Gipson) encouraged Len to get into this ministry…Several years later, Gipson was invited for a revival at Camp’s church and used some magic in a Kid’s Club prior to the evening services. Len got hooked. He picked up a few effects, started practicing and he was on his way…

A small, local church invited Len for a five day revival meeting and he wanted to do something for the children. Problem was he only had four tricks. He was smart enough to do one trick each night then asked the congregation which trick they liked the best. That’s the one he repeated on Friday night.”

What a Fellowship, p. 133

One June day in 1975, Len picked up a copy of Clinton Detweiler’s Newsy Vents and saw a half inch ad about the FCM Convention to be held in Winona Lake. He had never heard of Winona nor had he heard about the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. The conference was just one week away, but Len was determined to go…That first year he slept in his car. Len contends ‘Who in their right mind wuold spend money on a motel when they could use that same money to buy magic?’

Len spent the money saved on the motel room to buy a Dove Pan …and twelve dozen empty Tide Boxes…

During that first week at Winona, Len met Ralph Mills and Art Zachman. At that time Ralph was President and Conference Chairman, and Art was his assistant. On Friday evening while waiting for the banquet, Len asked Ralph if there was anythig he could do to help. Ralph gave him the job of setting up the chairs. This led to a whole new calling…This eventually lead to REv. Len Camp’s becoming President of the association.”

What a Fellowship, p. 133

“When I assumed the leadership, I was blessed with a tremendous cabinet. The membership lifted us up before the Lord and together we all moved ahead on the shoulders of those who had led before. Our finances became strong, registration at the Conference broke through the 1,000 mark and membership grew near the 2,000 number. But most of all, for me personally, I was blessed beyond imagination and expectation. I received move than I could ever have given, no matter how much I invested of myself.”

Len Camp in letter to Stan Adair, quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 134

Len Camp is known for his unusual productions. Perhaps the most ‘infamous’ is producing multiple rabbits from a large square/circle (with a fun rabbit hunt backstage after the performance to find them all).

In 2017, the audience watched in awe while he put so much flash paper into a dove pan that the flame went almost to the ceiling (thankfully did not set off the sprinklers).

2003: Stan Adair, Peter McCahon (FCME), Steve & Barbara Varro, Jerry Burgess, Paul Morley (FCME), Bill Baker, Len Camp
2021: Ed Jarvis, Del Wilson, Jamie Doyle (standing), Jerry Burgess, Steve Varro, Len Camp

Interesting Tidbits: Len is a former Indiana Bull Riding and All-Around Champion Cowboy and Southern Ohio Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding Champion.

Len was nominated to the 1977 publication of Who’s Who in Religion in America