Rev. William ‘Bill ‘ F. Baker, 6th and 14th President of the FCM January 1, 1970-December 31, 1972 January 1, 1996-December 31, 1999

“I pray that we remember ‘Whom’ we serve, and offter to Him our best in talent and ability. After all, He gave His best to us.”

Bill Baker on his hopes for the FCM in 1993 as quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 130

“People say magic is terrific for kids, and I agree, but it’s just as terrific for adults”

Bill Baker quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 128

Bill did not like to be introduced as a magician, or even as a Gospel magician, but preferred to be introduced as a minister. He felt that to emphasize the magic is to detract from the serious them of the message. What a Fellowship, p. 128

Elected National Secretary in 1970; Elected President in 1972 (felt 1 term was enough); Elected to President again in 1995.

In addition to serving twice as President of the FCM, Bill Baker was Editor of the Christian Conjuror in 1974 & 1975. In 1985 he was appointed as Territorial Representative of the Easter Area of the FCM. He also served as a Vice President and on the Advisory Council.

Bill started attending the national Conventions at the very beginning and rarely missed a session [until his health prevented him from attending in later years]. He joined the FCM in the late 1950’s. He had no idea of serving in any capacity other than on the local level of New Jersey. He was content to not only learn, but to share with others in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Gospel magic.

What a Fellowship pp. 128-129

In 1997, Bill dressed up as a clown to counter the perception that he did not like clowns.

1969: As Chair of the Conference, he greatly expanded the lectures available and set the pattern for future conventions. . He included artists and ventriloquists in addition to magicians. Attendance was over 100 for the first time.

Changes made during his first presidency: 1) Term limits–the President could only serve two consecutive terms. 2) With a committee of five, re-wrote the Constitution and By-Laws. These were approved by the membership at large

Elected to International President a second time in 1996. During this presidency, he reestablished the financial stability of the FCM and introduced improvements to the Mail Center. Approximately 12 new chapters were established, credit cards were first accepted for payment, and youth activities were intensified. He also initiated the writing of a handbook for the formation of chapters (this project was completed in 2001).

In 1999, Bill told those in attendance at the Conference that we would once again be moving the Convention. We would move “Back Home” in Indiana–going to the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN.

All facts from What a Fellowship, pp. 129-130, 140
2003: Stan Adair, Peter McCahon (FCME), Steve & Barbara Varro, Jerry Burgess, Paul Morley (FCME), Bill Baker, Len Camp

“When I grow up I’m going to be a magician, a child psychiatrist or a minister”

10 y.o. Bill Baker to his mother as quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 128

He achieved all three.

Bill founded the Christian Fellowship Church in 1966 and served as pastor for many years. He authored many books on Gospel magic.

Bill Baker went home to the Lord on May 5, 2012.