Rev. William ‘Bill’ Widenham, Jr., 2nd President of the FCM July 16, 1954-September 17, 1954

“The real fellowship of Christians in our FCM has been an encouragement and inspiration to me.”

What a Fellowship, p. 124

Served the shortest term as President of the FCM. He served July 16, 1954 – September 17, 1954. Two months after being elected, he was called to pastor a church in Southern California.

What a Fellowship, p. 123

“Rev. William W. Widenham, Jr. is a natural when it comes to humor and he mixed it freely with his magic…In 1930…young Bill was born again…attending the Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary…”

“William has traveled extensively in the states, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Holland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Israel.”

Helen Easterly, Magic for Christ, Volume 1, Number 3, quoted in What a Fellowship, p. 124

Interesting Tidbit: Rev. Widenham was the grandson of H.J. Whitley, the developer of Hollywood. The article to the right is about his parents marriage.