Stan Adair, 3rd President of the FCM September 17, 1954-June 30, 1959

“I realized, for the first time, that these baffling effects could be convincingly used to present the gospel and to win souls for the Master.”

Stan Adair commenting on a presentation by Dr. J. Kemp in 1950, What a Fellowship, p. 13

One day in a discussion with Tom [Dethlefsen] he mentioned that there were a few pastors, laymen, and Sunday School teachers who had been coming into his store to buy items for use in their respective churches. Among the names mentioned were Rev. James Knorr and Helen Easterly…

Tom arranged a meeting for the four of us. We discussed the possibility of a small group meeting bi-monthly simply for the purpose of encouraging each other in our efforts at Gospel Magic. We set a purpose, we prayed, and we planned, and there became a very close bond between the four…we set a date, a place and a time, made up a list of Christian magicians and sent invitations…The year was 1953, the date was November 27.”

Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, pp. 14, 15

If on that Friday night of November 27, 1953, at our first meeting, someone had stood up and said, ‘I predict that this organization will someday have an international impact, we would have called for the men in the white jackets. We were a San Francisco group with NO plans or intentions of expanding beyond that area.”

What a Fellowship, p. 20

Stan Adair was Member #1 (Rev. Knorr was also issued member #1) of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. He was a San Francisco businessman who was interested in using magic for evangelization.

Interesting Fact: For a short time, early on in the history of the FCM, Stan served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publisher all at the same time!

Stan Adair Letter to Betty Haley, 1985

I am so pleased that the level of professionalism has risen tremendously since those early days. Hopefully the days are over for the Christian magician who went to the platform with no preparation and pulled his effects out of a paper bag or cardboard box…I’m pleased too, that all the members still go out of their way to encourage the novices and the beginners…

Stan Adair in What a Fellowship, p. 125

In 1994, Stan Adair completed the process of writing and publishing the History of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

Stan Adair remained an active member of the FCM until he passed away in 2016. He kept up correspondence with many older members, served as President Emeritus, attended at least 3 conventions between 2000 & 2015, and even was working on starting a new chapter just a few years before his death.