Steve Varro, 15th & 18th President of the FCM January 2, 2000-December 31, 2003 August 1, 2014-July 31, 2017

Fourteen years after joining the FCM, I became Recording Secretary of our wonderful organization. For the following 30 years, I have served on the FCM Board in every position, including president for 7 years. Where has all that time gone? They say time flies when you are having fun. That must be true because I had a fantastic time serving this organization. Oh, it hasn’t always been fun, there were times when our boards have had to deal with difficult issues, but before any action took place, we prayed. I was so thankful that we had a praying board. There have been thousands of prayers that have gone up by board members over the years.

Steve Varro-April 2022″

“I became interested in Magic in 1960 at the age of 10. Magic was a fun hobby until 1969 when I did my first paid show, from then on it was my career”

Steve Varro-April 2022

“Steve’s early religious training came from one year in a Catholic school and a mother who saw to it that he and his sister attended mass every Sunday morning…Self taught through reading everything he could find in the public library, and lots of practice, Steve began performing for Corporate Parties, Service Clubs and Schools…this led to some night club work and a complete separation from the values taught as a child. In 1975, while trying to disprove several facts in the Bible, Steve came face to face with that early training. He accepted Jesus as his personal Savior… In 1978 Steve Varro became a full-time Christian Illusionist… He has performed with many celebrities, including Roy Rogers, Harry Blackstone, David Copperfield and Jane Russell, as well as for the Royal Family of Barbados, in the West Indies…”

What a Fellowship, pp. 140-141

I became a Christian in May of 1976. Two months later, a friend asked me if I wanted to go to Winona Lake for a convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention. I WAS HOOKED! I joined the FCM and then the following year I was in Winona Lake for the entire convention. I slept in what amounted to a closet in a house across from the Rodeheaver auditorium. I’ve only missed 3 FCM International Conventions since I joined. One for injury, and two for being overseas presenting the Magic of God’s Love.”

April 2022

“During his [1st] term as president another dozen chapters have been added…The Christian Conjurer experienced another face lift when full color covers were introduced in 2002…A new membership directory was introduced in 2001…and 2004. A new color logo was designed by lifetime member Chris Carey… The Heritage Club was established…This program was originally introduced in 1980, but never implemented…On July 18, 2001, the European chapter was changed to become the first overseas Division of the FCM…A regional conference took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with 150 in attendance…Karen Keitske wrote a song for the FCM titled ‘Rise Up O FCM’…became the official FCM song…”

What a Fellowship, pp. 141-142

“When I agreed to accept the nomination for my second time as FCM President, I had three goals I wanted to accomplish: 1) Turn the FCM around financially; 2) Getting some younger members on the board; 3) Increasing our membership…”

“During my term we had two ‘younger’ members on the board, many got onboard with the membership drive, and during the first 2.5 years our economic situation improved greatly…then the bottom fell out when we discovered the FCM had been embezzled…this was heartbreaking.” [eventually 2/3 of the amount embezzled would be recovered with Steve’s help].

April 2022

“If you asked me who my favorite people were that I enjoyed working with, I couldn’t begin to name them for fear of leaving someone out. I’ve served with the most wonderful doers in our organization, not all board members….Come to think of it, I will mention one name, someone who was so much help not only to me, but several other leaders in the FCM…Mike Stenberg! Mike gave his all when working for the FCM. We could not have accomplished the things we did during the time he was on staff for the FCM. He was the best. Thank you, Donna, for lending him to us for a couple decades.”

Steve Varro-April 2022
2003: Stan Adair, Peter McCahon (FCME), Steve & Barbara Varro, Jerry Burgess, Paul Morley (FCME), Bill Baker, Len Camp

A dentist friend of mine in California had made a set of teeth (like Harvey’s) and I asked if he could make a set for me. I didn’t know how I was going to use them. Shortly after that, a friend was asked ot play the part of a weird new homeowner in an exclusive subdivision…She had seen me with my funny teeth and asked if I would come along and play the part of her goofy husband. So we went as Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Barfenfloss (she named us). We were a hit at the party and after I asked her if I could keep the name…she graciously said yes and that was Harvey’s beginning. Since then, we have discovered that Harvey was born in Bucksnort, TN

…His funniest performance was in Denmark…The audience had no idea what he was talking about and they sat there stone faced…much to the delight of my wife who was laughing uncontrollably backstage…”

April 2022

Steve and his wife, Barbara, owned ‘Dock Haley Gospel Magic Co. from January 1, 1998 (when the bought it from Betty Haley, widow of Dock) until December 2016

Steve has acted in several local theater groups as well as many church plays. He has also done commercial acting and has done several music videos, television commercials, and a couple films made for film festivals. He is also interested in photography, writing poetry to devotionals, and a Christmas play, as well as books. Steve & Barbara have also appeared as extras in television programs.

2021: Ed Jarvis, Del Wilson, Jamie Doyle (standing), Jerry Burgess, Steve Varro, Len Camp

“As I reflect back…I think the times I treasure most are the times I felt I was able to help someone else fly higher and achieve more because of something I was able to share with them. My ministry from performing, lecturing, witnessing, manufacturing Gospel Magic and now selling estates of Magic to help others, has all been a Labor of Love. It’s hard to retire when you love what you do so much. In the words of Bob Hope: “Thanks for the Memories”. May your ministries and your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ increase until His return.”

Steve Varro-April 2022