Our Members

To the many members of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, we want to say Thank you!!  You are greatly appreciated.  The FCM would not continue to function without your prayers and participation.

From the beginning in 1953 until today there have been over 14,000 members of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. We would like to individually acknowledge every one of over 14,000 folks who have been members of the FCM. They ARE the FCM. Unfortunately, that task is impossible.

We do invite you to get to know a few of our members with the following offerings. Also, be sure to also check out our picture albums in Conventions/Conferences.

Note: If you are a member of the FCM or have been in the past and have material you would like added to this collection, please email museum@fcm.org for more information.


Members of the FCM love to share their faith. Some have written their testimonies out to share with others.

Member Promotional Materials

From business cards & postcards to brochures, entertainers need to advertise to get hired.

Photo Gallery

We love sharing photos of our FCM Family Members–they are the heart of FCM